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US Waters Finally Showing Signs of Fukushima…

But scientists say there's no danger to humans or the environment

Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains to reopen after fatal…

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the resort town of Gatlinburg are reopening to the public Friday following wildfires that caused 14 deaths and damaged about 2,500 buildings

Regular Marijuana Use May Affect Vision

According to a new study, regular marijuana use may affect one's vision. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Disney Is The Undisputed King Of The 2016 Box…

The studio had the year's four highest-grossing movies worldwide.

A Fight Over Coal Miners Could Shut Down The…

Several Democratic senators could force the federal government to shut down if they can't extend pension and medical benefits for retired coal miners.

Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Baby Dream Special…

No description.

Donald Trump's VP Tryout Tour Continues

Trump continues to test-run potential running mates on the campaign trail.

John Glenn Was a Hero to US, but His Hero Was His…

Annie Glenn suffered for years with stuttering disability until she overcame it

Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney donate to wildfire fund

Music stars are teaming up with country music organizations to help people in Tennessee after the devastating wildfires there

WADA investigator to publish new report on Russian doping

The Olympic world is bracing for more evidence of systematic Russian doping

Report: Donald Trump considering Bobby Valentine…

Former Mets and Red Sox skipper and current Sacred Heart University athletic director Bobby Valentine is on the short list of candidates for United States ambassador to Japan, WEEI in Boston reports.

Obama Orders 'Full Review' of Election Hacking…

He wants it before he leaves office

Florida Gov. Scott lifts Zika infection zone in Miami Beach

Florida's governor says South Beach is no longer an active infection zone for the Zika virus

Hero-astronaut John Glenn to lie in state in Ohio

American hero-astronaut John Glenn will lie in state in Ohio's capitol building preceding a celebration of his life of military and government service and history-making voyages into space

Trump transition team seeks details on Energy…

The Trump transition team is asking Energy Department employees detailed questions about the agency's operations and personnel, including a list of employees and contractors who attended international meetings on climate change over the past five years

DNA Of Mummified Child Could Rewrite History Of…

Smallpox has, without question, brought great devastation, but a recent study of a 17th century Lithuanian mummy carrying the disease causing virus may rewrite the history of how long its reign of terror ensued.

Gov't proposes letting airline passengers make phone calls

The government is proposing that airlines be allowed to permit their passengers to make phone calls during flights using Wi-Fi despite complaints from flight attendants and others that the calls could be disruptive

Apple chief Tim Cook picked to give MIT commencement speech

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has chosen Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver its June 2017 commencement address

Health stocks rebound as US indexes keep setting…

US stocks are continuing to rise past record levels as health care stocks recover some of their recent losses

Agency: Drug use should have grounded pilot in balloon wreck

Medical experts say the pilot of a hot-air balloon that crashed in Texas, killing him and 15 others, had medical ailments and was prescribed numerous prescription drugs that should have prevented him from flying

First Nation Suit: Canada's Parliament Is on Our…

Aboriginal group says it never relinquished title

School boss: Student has right to wear Confederate clothing

A Pennsylvania school district superintendent says a student has a right to wear a sweatshirt depicting a Confederate flag even though it upsets a black student and her father

This is the Hardest Year of Marriage, Here's How…

Turns out the seven-year itch may be an actual thing. Here's how to overcome it. Nathan Rousseau Smith (@fantasticmrnate) has the story.

Sofia Vergara Is Being Sued By Her Own Frozen…

A Louisiana anti-abortion group filed a lawsuit against the actress on behalf of two frozen pre-embryos she created with her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb.

Monkeys Could Talk If They Had The Brains — But…

We had no idea macaque monkeys could make humanlike sounds until we put them in an MRI scanner.

Gigi Hadid Shares Her Struggles With Thyroid…

No description.

A Warm Bed In The World's Coldest Hotel

Christina Macfarlane visits a hotel made of ice, which offers an unusual overnight experience in Arctic temperatures near Levi, Finland.